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Virgen de Guadalupe Day.

Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe .

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The "Latin American Empress" has her sanctuary in "La Villa".

In the catholic tradition the virgin appears in 1531 to the native Juan Diego asking him a temple .

On December 12th it is celebrated the day of the fourth apparition in front of Fray Juan de Zumarraga and the miracle is completed. After the miraculous apparition of the image on the Juan Diego's ayate (mantle made of Maguey fiber) began the construction of the temple in 1709 , but due this first temple was sinking in 1976 a new one was built .

The new temple is a work by the architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez.

This place is visited for many devoted pilgrims all the year but specially in the last three months when from the different states of the Mexican republic go to this sanctuary. Also communities of foreigners who live in Mexico as the Japanese and Chinese go to give thanks to the brown virgin.

In some Mexican companies this day is celebrated with a mass in the altar where is the image within the company and end with a small celebration with the workers and theirs families.

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In This December we celebrate :

Virgen de Guadalupe Day.

The 12th December we celebrated the "Empress of America". The Virgin of Guadalupe celebrates in this day the miracle of her appearance to Juan Diego in the hill of the Tepeyac.

Mexican Christmas .

In the month of December the Mexico we can see decorations and lights with xmas motifs. Everywhere Christmas piñatas, stars, trees are seen in streets and houses.